[Tango-L] What's the trick??

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Thu Feb 21 23:40:00 EST 2008

To be more explicit in what I was trying to recommend, I think it's important for dancers to "own" their dance by (re)discovering for themselves what works. And they do that by experimenting and trying things. This is the core teaching that encourages spontaneity and improvisation. And this is just as true for beginners as for advanced dancers working out a new step. 


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> Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 15:17:48 +1100
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> Yeah, it is really helpful to be telling someone five months out to tackle *back* sacadas in their socks. No wonder there are so many bad dancers out there. Whether sacadas are easy or not comes down to the competencies and aptitude of a given dancer, but trying to explain how to do them in a post on the internet is completely useless in my opinion. Would ballet teachers and dancers try and explain how to do a pirouette in a discussion list post? They would just laugh at anyone suggesting that was possible. Sacadas are physical not intellectual and posting the 'secret' is in the same category of the 'learn tango in 12 lessons' videos and slimming tea.
> Victor Bennetts

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