[Tango-L] What's the trick?? Sacadas

Stephen.P.Brown@dal.frb.org Stephen.P.Brown at dal.frb.org
Thu Feb 21 15:46:02 EST 2008

>>During a high sacada, your thigh is placed in the path of her thigh. 
During a low sacada, your calf is placed in the path of her calf.<<

This misses the point that a sacada is mostly an illusion.  You lead the 
woman's step.  As the weight comes off her leg, you step into position in 
front of the leg to be displaced.  The fact that you have shifted weight 
to another position is what alters her body movement; she is staying in a 
circle around you.  Your "displacement" does relatively little work; it 
really just slightly deflects her leg movement as she is taking the normal 
step that you have led. 


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