[Tango-L] What's the trick?? Sacadas

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 14:13:24 EST 2008

Regarding sacadas, if you are learning them without
instruction, then be sure to seek "safety"
instructions.  For example ...

High and low sacadas:  

During a high sacada, your thigh is placed in the path
of her thigh.  During a low sacada, your calf is
placed in the path of her calf.  If you are hitting
knees, someone may get hurt.

Thighs vs Knees:

Be sure that you are placing your leg in the path of
her leg as her weight is leaving that leg.  If you do
it too soon, you will push through her leg while it is
still planted on the floor, thus, potentially, hurting
her knee or other part of her body.  

You are indicating, not forcing:

She should feel the presence of your leg.  It is an
indication that she should change her body motion
accordingly.  You are not forcing her body to do
anything!  I say "change her body motion" because
there is a lot to what her body is doing and you asked
about what 'you' should do.

Foot direction:

You should place your foot in the direction that you
intend to move.  

Two examples with her going around to your left:

1. If you are stepping in with your left foot, turn
your left foot to the left.

2. If you are stepping in with your right foot, turn
your entire body to your left.

A general reason for this is that you should be
thinking a step ahead.  Conversely, if there is a
problem with a step, look to see what you were doing
in the previous step.

360-degree pivot:

As for the 180-degrees issue.  Sometimes, I will lead
the first step of the dance as a side step.  I will
step in with my left foot and, by the time I have
transferred my weight back to my right foot, she has
pivoted 360-degrees.  I have taken two steps and she
has taken one step.

Be careful!  I have followed leaders who have kicked
me and wracked my knee!

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