[Tango-L] What's the trick??

'Mash mashdot at toshine.net
Thu Feb 21 12:06:41 EST 2008


Just one more point.

I personally feel that my partner should always be confident that I won't surprise her. I don't mean surprise in terms of being predictable and boring but in terms of me ALWAYS leading a movement.

One of the key things I concentrate on the most is to lead first, step afterwards.
It is why I refer to my partner as my partner and not follower as I feel that Tango is about my initiation, lead, and follow.
It is the split second timing of leading and then stepping on her step.

I lead, she steps and I follow her.

If anything this allows her to play, adorn and generally look more beautiful which I feel is why she wants to dance with me in the first place.  

London, UK


On 2008-02-21 06:50-0800, Mario wrote:
>   I want the Giro to go more than 180 degrees if possible and I want that
>   and the Sacada to be suprises, definately not correographed no signaled.

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