[Tango-L] No dancing before the music

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Thu Feb 21 10:38:42 EST 2008

An article about Astor Piazzola caught my eye first.  When the local 
Philharmonic did a concert of his music, my partner (who is very 
musical) thought I would like to go (I am NOT musical!).  I went with 
some curiosity, but that's about it - until I saw tango dancers on 
stage and my first thought was "I HAVE to do that!!"  The thing is, I 
have absolutely no ear for music - my kids used to play piano and when 
I complimented them on a piece they'd laugh and say that, for all I 
knew, they were playing scales - they were right...the only way I can 
"hear" music is by moving to it....now that I am learning tango now, I 
listen to tango music non-stop, all the time, no matter what - on my 
IPOD, on the kitchen CD player, in my car, etc. - to make up for my 
"inability to hear" music, but when I do, I picture in my head how I 
might dance to it.....and it must be working because a surprising 
number of follows hve complemented me on my "musicality."

My point is that - if I had waited to learn the music before dancing, 
whenever people mentioned tango, I'd still be saying "yeah, I read an 
interesting article about Astor Piazzola once."  These are so many 
different learning styles, so many ways to come to tango - all I can 
say is "however you got here, I am glad to see you and now let's 

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