[Tango-L] No dancing before the music

doug@swingfusion.com doug at swingfusion.com
Wed Feb 20 18:15:38 EST 2008

So it's not the "nuevo"
aspect of Tango music I dislike. It's the bastardisation of a music
genre to appease those dancers who don't like Tango music. </anton>

Anton - Instead of just complaining, why not organize an all classic tango
night in your local community and see what kind of crowd you draw?  If it is
enough to pay the studio rent and provides enough dancers to make the night
interesting, your problem is solved.  No appeasement required.  OTOH, if you
end up unable to pay the rent or with only 6 or 8 dancers, you may wish to
reconsider.  In any event, it sounds like you are complaining when you could
be doing.

Just a thought.

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