[Tango-L] eng.tango.info - work pages now with links to videos

Mr tobias conradi tobias_conradi at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 20 18:13:34 EST 2008

http://eng.tango.info - work pages now have links to video listings and show the number of videos - if existent in tango.info

http://eng.tango.info/work:poema - 13
http://eng.tango.info/work:indio_manso - 10
http://eng.tango.info/work:gallo_ciego - 17

link to

Tobias Conradi
Rheinsberger Str. 18
10115 Berlin, Germany
http://eng.tango.info http://festivals.tango.info
http://reliquias.tango.info http://gmap.tango.info

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