[Tango-L] No dancing before the music

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 17:51:04 EST 2008

--- "Trini y Sean (PATangoS)" <patangos at yahoo.com>

> >From my experience, this attraction to non-Tango
> music is
> just a passing phase.  As people get better in the
> dance,
> they begin to hear the music better, and then they
> come
> back to traditional music. 

I'll agree that they come back to tango music. 
However, I make the observation that, where tango is
an improvised dance based on side, back, front steps
and the pivot (and a little more), that it is a
natural art to be taken into other music.

Similarily, although I don't dance it, it looks like
hip hop is an improvised dance based on, for each
movement, isolating one part of your body.  Again, it
looks like that is another example of a dance that is
wide open to go anywhere.

I see tango expanding.  Heck, it's even starting to
contain flips and the such.

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