[Tango-L] No dancing before the music

Tango For Her tangopeer at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 20 10:53:11 EST 2008

Oh, heck.  I'll jump in with a personal note ...

I started tango, yeeeears ago, because I was recently
divorced and loved the social aspect of exchanging
partners in classes.  

"Tango?  A rose between my teeth?  Oh, God!  But, but,
it's the only class starting this month!  Why can't
there be a simple swing class?  This is going to be
sooooo hokey!  Waaaahhhhh!", I said as I sat at home
alone.  "Waaaaahhhhhhhhh."

Now, you all know that I started with no appreciation
for the music.  And, those thorns were killers!  ;o)

Years later, I am no different than thousands of
others in that I am called "musical".  Hurray!

A newbie follower enters the room.  

Should I, or one of the many others who are "musical",
dance with her a bit, she might feel the music.  She
might come to understand the music.  Of course, she
might come to understand the music all by her
lonesome.  Hmmmmm....

In the meantime, I welcome her, and all others, to
this great social world!

Oh, yes.  And, as for newbie leaders ... Get them into
the dance!  All those women just sitting there!  Those
are my friends sitting out for the entire evening! 
Who are we to send any leader away!  Send them to
those followers who can, in turn, guide them toward
classes!  A year later, they might just be "musical". 
Heck, they might be "musical" right away.

In the meantime, all those chairs wouldn't be so full.

And, I am very glad that I wasn't sent away because
the music wasn't blues or classic rock!

On a side note, my teenage daughter moved in with me a
few months ago.  When we ride in the car, together, of
course, we listen to "her" music.  Now, "her" music is
"my" music!  Imagine all the fun we would have missed
out on if I had just listened to "her" music by myself
for a year!  My life as a newbie is goooood!

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