[Tango-L] Osvaldo Centeno -- his exhibition in El Beso during Encuentro Tango Milonguero

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Fri Feb 15 18:22:46 EST 2008

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From: Janis Kenyon <Jantango at feedback.net.ar>
> Osvaldo was overwhelmed by the response to his dancing on Monday night in El Beso.  He has never done an exhibition because he dances for himself, not an audience. 
That explains it to some extent. He did not look to be in a mood to dance at all. He looked busy, tired, working hard. I mean the dance was good, but the impression was that something was wrong. Plus he left Ana Maria in the middle of the floor, both times, returning to his table quickly and leaving Ana Maria to go to her table by herself. Not a very good example for many of us attending Milongueando 2008.

The high point for me was the dance of the elderly couple toward the end of the demo set who danced several dances including a milonga. I think they danced to "El Acomodo" which was absolutely fabulous. I wish I could remember their names. Perhaps Janis would know.

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