[Tango-L] Some get it, some don't.

Crrtango@aol.com Crrtango at aol.com
Fri Feb 15 17:18:49 EST 2008

<<<IMO, if, over time, a beginner doesn't develop a love and feel for classic 
argentine tango music and in addition can't find the beat, no matter how many 
months of classes he/she attends or how many different (if available) 
teachers are used, then I believe it's a lost cause. What does a teacher do in this 

Some people are dancers and some are not...some hear music and some don't.   
We don't have control over that, but some people take a long time to get it so 
you can't always predict how they might turn out. If someone really wants to 
continue, you should encourage them, they could be late bloomers, and even be 
very good eventually.
...or...you could try deconstructing some basic elements of steps that they 
already know and create repetitive exercises that they could do with music to 
help them and then reconstruct the steps after they have developed some sense 
of rhythm from the exercise...in other words try to trick them into doing the 
step, sort of like Mr. Miyagi's approach to karate...wax on, wax off.
But hey, I have watched dancers here in NYC for ten years and some still 
don't get it, and they are still out at the milongas.

They may be dancing just for the fun of it. If they don't want to give up, 
keep teaching them. They are paying the bills, after all. You can't save the 

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