[Tango-L] Helping Newbies Dance in Tight Spaces

Carol Shepherd arborlaw at comcast.net
Fri Feb 15 15:14:20 EST 2008

A useful exercise I have seen here in A2 is making the couples dance in 
single file around a small room without any passing, and putting chairs 
in the line of dance that couples have to navigate around using rock 
step turn and other turns, to get back into the single file line of 
dance.  Cuts down step size and teaches navigation moves and reins in 
the zoomers speeding with long steps and running into other couples on 
the blind side.  Crude, but it really worked.

NANCY wrote:
> -
> Why not show them something they all already know how
> to do?  Remember your first dancing?  What did you do?
>  Well, you put your arms around the girl's waist and 
> she put her arms around your shoulders and you  stood
> in place, rocking back and forth ( ahem......Rock
> Step!)  Tell them to use this whenever navigation
> becomes a problem.  That is certainly what the
> milongueros do.  It also helps the newbies become
> aware of where their weight and the weight of their
> partner is.  They can make a 180 turn doing little
> rock steps to see if there is an escape route out of a
> traffic jam and never go against the line of dance.
> Nancy

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