[Tango-L] Beginners and milongas

Stephen.P.Brown@dal.frb.org Stephen.P.Brown at dal.frb.org
Thu Feb 14 14:44:16 EST 2008

Mash wrote:
>[A]re beginner dancers not actually welcome at Milongas?

Assuming that one means dancing at a milonga, the answer to the question 
depends greatly on the venue.  One clue that a milonga might be hospitable 
to beginners is that a beginning lesson is offered beforehand.  At such a 
milonga, the floor is likely to be relatively uncrowded early in the 
evening and at that time most of the dancers will be beginners or those 
willing to dance at least some with beginners.

Even milongas that offer beginning lessons beforehand may become 
inhospitable once the floor becomes crowded.  If the beginner has good 
navigation skills, a crowded floor won't be a problem.  If the beginner 
doesn't have good navigation skills, a crowded floor will be a problem.

Of course, everyone sets their own standards about with whom they will 

Another potential issue for beginners arises when the dj plays a tanda of 
milongas.  If the beginners try to dance tango because they don't 
recognize the music, they can create a hazard for themselves and everyone 

Steve (de Tejas)

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