[Tango-L] Keith's questions

NANCY ningle_2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 11:20:26 EST 2008

--- Keith <keith at tangohk.com> wrote:

> Nancy, is there any American alive today who knows
> more about 
> Tango than Oscar Casas? Simple question.

Yes.  Simple answer.

 And, as I
> said - he's
> just one example. The real question is, who knows
> more about 
> teaching and dancing Tango - Argentines or
> Americans?
> Another simple question.

Some Americans know more than many Argentines.

> And, yes I teach. And I do my very best to do it the
> way many 
> Argentines have taught me. I just want to understand
> why 
> Americans think they have a better way of teaching
> Tango.
> That's all I'm asking. Can anyone answer the
> question, please.

Consider trying it.  You might learn something that
even an Argentine can't teach you.  The proof is in
the product.   Put your students up against Tom
Stermitz' students.  Let us be the judge.  Or better
yet - put your video up against his.


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