[Tango-L] Wiggles

Nina Pesochinsky nina at earthnet.net
Wed Feb 13 08:24:56 EST 2008

Women who are dancers HATE wiggles.  It is a meaningless move that 
says nothing, misses a bunch of music and does not feel good.  If men 
want to do it, they better be sure that they know the woman they do 
it with, and know for sure that she likes it, or they might run a 
risk of woman just standing there waiting for the man to stop wiggling.



At 06:13 AM 2/13/2008, Tango For Her wrote:
>Women LOVE wiggles.  They say it feels good.  But, I
>can say that wiggling their hips really accentuates
>their shape.
>One time, I was dancing with a woman right in front of
>her ex-boyfriend, recent ex-boyfriend.  I made sure
>her back was to him and I led quite a few wiggles as
>we passed by his seat.  Actually, we wiggled, shared
>pivot, wiggled, something else, wiggled.  I remember
>making quite a display of it!
>I mentioned it to her, later.  She said, "I know what
>you were doing.  And, thank you!"  :o)
>--- Melroy <melroyr at xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> > Sorry but I just call it a wiggle, if it's the same
> > thing I do - and it
> > sounds like it.
> > I'm sure there is a more correct term, but hey, a
> > wiggle's a wiggle  - why
> > complicate things.
> > Actually I like wiggles.
> > Mel.
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