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Stephen.P.Brown@dal.frb.org Stephen.P.Brown at dal.frb.org
Tue Feb 12 16:25:20 EST 2008

Between 1996 and 2001, Daniel Trenner produced 72 instructional videos for 
his Bridge to the Tango label (including two with Omar Vega).  The videos 
cover Daniel's own teaching and dancing, Rebecca Shulman's and that of a 
number of other masters from the older and younger generations.  These 
videos were distributed by the Tango Catalogue through 2006.

The Tango Catalogue closed out its Bridge to the Tango catalog on December 
31, 2006.  All Bridge to the Tango instructional videos were withdrawn 
from the market as of January 1, 2007.

Some of the titles may become available in DVD format in the future, but 
that will involve complex negotiations in Argentina involving the the 
rights to the video images and the music used in the videos.  I've been 
told some of videos?including those with Daniel, Rebecca and the earliest 
recorded in the masters' series?will never be available again because the 
original video production was not suitable for conversion to DVD.  In late 
2006, a representative of the Tango Catalogue said that they expected to 
carry any of the titles that become available on DVD.  None has become 
available so far.

Daniel Trenner's website still has information about the videos.

The TejasTango webpage also has information about the videos.

No outlet for retail sales is mentioned on either website, but I've 
occasionally stumbled across a few of the videos for sale in online tango 

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