[Tango-L] Breaking the 'paso basico.'

Jay Rabe jayrabe at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 12 12:52:00 EST 2008

I agree we all learn by patterns. However, not all patterns are created equal. The big difference IMO between tango teaching and ballroom is in the number of steps in a pattern. We all teach rock step patterns, which are 2 or 3 steps depending on how you count, likewise ochos are a pattern of 1 or 2 or 3 steps each, even an ocho cortado is about 4 steps. OTOH my observation is that ballroom dances often teach 10 - 20 step patterns. I was watching a salsa class the other day that did the same thing. I think the 8CB is simply too large. As has been pointed out, once you spend enough time to master a pattern that large, it's hard to shift the gears of your muscle memory to un-learn using it as a whole and use segments of it instead.


P.S. Portland's ValenTango festival starting Wed night this week is shaping up to be the biggest ever, judging by pre-registrations, meaning it's probably the largest tango festival in the US! We expect 650 or more total people attending.

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