[Tango-L] Let's discuss WALKING

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Mon Feb 11 12:17:11 EST 2008


Excellent idea. Anyone who loves Tango, and really wants to improve, will already 
know that the walk is the most important element of the dance. And, IMHO, it's what 
separates the Argentines from almost everybody else. Now, I'm sure many people 
will bring up the question of toe first or heel first,  so let me give my opinion right 
away that I don't think it matters. The important thing is to develop an elegant walk. 
It's very easy to show videos of great tangueros dancing heel first, eg. Javier 
Rodriguez or others dancing toe first, eg. Osvaldo Zotto and others dancing on flat 
feet as many milongueros do. And, if you look at Gustavo Naveira, he often dances 
heel first on his left foot and toe first on his right foot. But if you look closely at all 
the great dancers, you'll actually find that, at some time or other, they all dance 
with toe first, heel first and onto a flat foot. It often depends on the step and 
the situation. 

To me, the important thing is how you LEARN to walk and, IMO, the best way to 
learn to walk elegantly is to learn the sliding toe-first walk that is almost universally 
taught to beginners in Buenos Aires. Later, when you start to lengthen your walk, 
as happens with all good dancers, you'll find that, at last moment, it's necessary 
to raise the toe resulting in the heel landing first. In fact, if you look closely at 
good dancers who dance heel first, you'll find that, while making most of the step, 
they use the toe first technique and it's only at the last moment that they raise 
the toe to land heel first. Of course, I'm sure there are exceptions that will be
 pointed out. 

The other important element in walking, IMO, is that when walking outside partner, 
on either side, good dancers are almost always in crossed feet. The reason, very 
simply, is that it keeps you closer to your partner and makes it easier to maintain 
chest to chest contact in close embrace.

Keith, HK

 On Mon Feb 11  1:36 , Mario  sent:

>  I would like to start a thread that discusses walking and all of its many variations 
>   and challenges ...

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