[Tango-L] Dancing under the stars in Buenos Aires

Janis Kenyon Jantango at feedback.net.ar
Mon Feb 11 11:24:53 EST 2008

If you are interested in an outdoor milonga in Buenos Aires, La Calesita in
Nunez is the one to try during the summer months.  It is best to go with
others who know the location.  I went for the first time eight years ago,
and last Saturday night was only my second visit.  It isn't listed in the
Guia Trimestral B.A Tango, but dancers know when it opens and closes every

It was a beautiful summer night.  We arrived around 1:00.  My friend was
greeted by someone she knew who escorted us to his table.  Tables and chairs
for about 200 are set up around a rough stone floor which seemed better than
the one I remembered.  You seat yourself.  You go to the bar and carry your
own drinks to the table.  The dancers are locals and foreigners, couples and
singles, young and old.  The music was acceptable with a tanda of salsa and
rock.  The majority of men wore sneakers, and the women wore stilettos.  The
floor is square with a sculpture in the center and ample lighting.  It's
very informal without the traditional codes of downtown milongas.  It's what
you would expect to find at a milonga in the park.  The sound system was
good, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.  I can't say much for the level
of dancing which included a wide variety of styles.

It was a spur of the moment decision for us to go there after a birthday
party.  Someone else was going, so we decided to share a taxi.  My friend
and I each danced one tango (not one tanda) and one swing during the two
hours we were there.  We were content to enjoy the music and dancing of
others.  It's the only milonga where she can smoke at the table.  It was a
pleasure to be able to hear the music continuously during a tanda.
Conversation was kept to a minimum, and it never overpowered the music--the
advantage of being outdoors.

The biggest drawback is the distance.  It's only eight blocks from the
limits of the capital federal.  On the way there, we passed by Club Ciudad,
the venue for a Sunday milonga, which is almost as far as La Calesita.  We
asked our taxi driver to return for us at 3:00.  We were grateful to find
him waiting for us in the parking lot.  The half-hour trip to the Congreso
area was 50 pesos, so we won't be returning unless we have free round-trip

If you are adventurous, just get to Plaza Italia in Palermo to take the #15
bus that stops at Cdro. Rivadavia and del Libertador.  Walk through the
parking lot until you find the entrance.  Follow the crowd or look for the
lights.  Buses run all night long, so you can return on the same bus on the
other side of del Libertador.

Club I.M.O.S.
Cdro. Rivadavia 1350 (altura Av. del Libertador 8000)
22,30 a 4 hs
entrada 12 pesos

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