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my 2 cents on a nice choreographed piece as a teaching tool.

for thousands of years (certainly many hundred) martial arts have been taught, transmitted, and recorded in perpetuity through the use of katas. katas were proscribed patterns of moves that usually demonstrated a "fight" against one or more opponents. as students progressed, they "got better and better" at the katas, and later found many hidden movements buried in transitions that they "never understood before".

i often help upper rank martial artists to go back and evaluate the katas that they "thought they knew" to find the "more advanced moves" that were hidden in them.

back to tango...........mimicking a "great dancer" helps you to understand how it feels to move "their moves" and to understand "their transitions". once you have a few tools in the tool box, then you can play with your own, but it never hurts to watch and try what the masters have done, and are doing. i am NOT saying that you should become them, but that mimicking them in training helps you to understand "what makes them great".

isoooooooooo.......................+1 to teaching a fun, and easy choreographed piece, at that place in the students training where it will help them to gain some confidence and then they can "make it their own". and then again, and again, as they (and you the teachers) progress.

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