[Tango-L] demo advice needed

Trini y Sean (PATangoS) patangos at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 16:04:48 EST 2008

Hola listeros,

Thanks everyone for the really great advice.  It’s been
something I’ve wanted to ask for awhile but was dreading
generating a lot of negative posts instead.  

Someone also sent me a private email giving some great
advice about movement of the couple.  You’d basically pick
one part of the stage (e.g., front stage right) and the
couple occupying that area decides when the group moves. 
So when that couple moves toward the back row, everyone
else moves into the next spot. 

Concerning choreography, a friend of mine worked on a
choreography for the first time recently and shares some
very good thoughts about his experience. 

My interest in choreography arose when someone in the
community last year began teaching a completely
choreographed piece (upon someone’s request) as a teaching
tool.  It has since evolved into a community affair that
has gotten more people involved, with some learning it just
for fun.  It’s given less experienced dancers more
confidence and involvement.  And everyone, even the very
inexperienced dancers, can separate the choreography from
their social dancing.  The only problem we need to keep an
eye on is the woman letting the man lead her ornaments
instead of doing it on her own.  But the choreography only
takes up 3 minutes of what is usually a 15-30 minute
presentation.  Lot’s of time left to fill!  All of this
advice will help. 

Perhaps this might eventually involve putting together a
little tango show but that’s another fish to fry.  

Trini de Pittsburgh

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