[Tango-L] DJ Remi died P.S.

Keith Elshaw keith at totango.net
Sat Feb 9 22:49:02 EST 2008

Forgive me - I want to clarify and expand.

I said the quality of the CD's sucked. That sounds negative and I regret
that inference because:

I love that Remi collected and published the great tango recordings like
no one had ever done - in chronological order, with recording dates etc.
Wow. (The record companies who owned the material never thought any of
that was important. They bear so much shame). How many endless hours must
Remi have spent making order out of disorder? Just to collect - let alone
put it in sequence and then double-check and prepare for some kind of

And really - it was a Labour of Love. You don't get that dedicated and
involved thinking you will get paid for all that you do.

Remi made himself a giant who's shoulders all others will stand on from
now on, it seems to me.

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