[Tango-L] DJ Remi died

Keith Elshaw keith at totango.net
Sat Feb 9 22:24:55 EST 2008

Thank you Christian for kindly letting us know.

I knew nothing about the man; never had communication with him. I wish I
had. How I wish.

As a tango dancer, I have felt gratitude and a debt to Remi for years ...
because as a dj I have had a dim awareness of his major contribution. But
as a sound engineer who has dedicated several years to the restoration of
old tango recordings, I feel today an enormous sadness at the loss and
empathy for his family and friends' sadness.

What Remi did in getting the old tango recordings out the way he did was
nothing short of a monumental achievement.

I almost can't believe that as recently as 2001, collectors were still
assembling their tango library from cassettes.

At that time, if you found the collected issues of Remi, you thought you'd
died and gone to heaven.

The audio quality mostly sucked; cuts started clipped and ended clipped;
there was noise and distortion. BUT HE COLLECTED AND ISSUED EVERYTHING ON
to see all these great artists' work assembled with attention to detail.
With care. Doing what he could do with his passion.

Remi changed the tango understanding for people outside of Argentina.

M. Remi, I humbly salute you and your life's work and your memory and
thank the gods for what you did on this Earth to bless us who love
Argentine Tango.

If there is a way to thank you for all that you did, perhaps it is in
continuing in your spirit.

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