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Oleh Kovalchuke tangospring at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 20:19:16 EST 2008

Victor Bennetts wrote:

"Vals tandas have to be my favourites. Pretty well everyone knows
Pobre Flor and Sonar y Nada Mas. But I wonder, if you were putting
together a *perfect* De Angelis vals tanda of four songs, what other
two songs would you pick? I personally like 'Mi Carinito', but I don't
think I have ever heard that played at a milonga. Most DJs would play
'Flores Del Alma', I guess, but to me it doesn't quite have the verve
of the other songs, although it is very sweet. I think the other
favourite is 'A Magaldi', but I am not such a big fan of that song.
Anyone have any views on this?

Anyone suggest any other favourite vals tandas?"

Sure. Here are four good vals tandas:

De Angelis:

1. Flores del alma - sweet and slow(r)
2. Ilusion azul - quicker, intro fits well with the end of the Flores,
Mi Carinito is nice, but a bit too slow after Flores - I would have
replace the following two, if I were to play it second. A.Magaldi is
indeed three stars vals (of five).
3. Pobre flor
4. Soñar y nada mas

This tanda has nice energy hump about it. The duet in the end of
Flores del alma builds up the energy and Ilusion carries it over to
Pobre flor. Soñar y nada mas is good lyrical and slightly slower


1. El Ultimo Adios
2. Dejame amarte aunque sea un dia
3. Dichas, que vivi
4. Viejo porton

Very nice, driven tanda of energetic valses.


1. Paisaje
2. Temblando
3. Mendocina
4. Mascarita


1. En la noche azul
2. El vals de estudiante
3. Salud, dinero y amor
4. La Zandunga

One of the quicker, fun Canaro tandas.

Oleh Kovalchuke

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