[Tango-L] Funniest Tango Video

Keith keith at tangohk.com
Thu Feb 7 07:33:20 EST 2008

For once, and this has got to be a first, I actually agree with Chris. I think it's great 
that students can see video samples from teachers' classes before signing up. Many
Argentinians now travel the world teaching classes and it can be an expensive mistake 
for a student to take a course of classes with a teacher who turns out to be unsuitable.

Many of my students ask if they can record the steps in my classes. I've never said 
no - why should I? But then, I'm just a small potato who only teaches in his own school 
and no one is going to put me on YouTube. But the principle is surely the same?

It's also nice to see that Chris finally acknowledges that there are good teachers, as 
well as bad :-).

Keith, HK

 On Thu Feb  7 19:26 , "Chris, UK"  sent:

>I think YouTube could be the best thing to happen to class teaching in 
>years. Especially when teachers (good and bad) start showing video samples 
>on their own sites.

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