[Tango-L] Villa Urquiza style

Oleh Kovalchuke tangospring at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 17:16:51 EST 2008

Hi, Nina,

"...It is not so much about a "style" with obvious elements, but more
about the dancers who were from that barrio and made some mark on
tango with their own way of dancing and their identification with
Villa Urquiza... ."

"Their own way of dancing" implies distinct style. Hence the question
is: "What is this Villa Urquiza stye?"

"Sunderland is a great place to explore that."

I like "Milonga Del Mundo" as well - the mood is more genial and Mario
plays better music there than at Niño Bien. However from my own
observations at that milonga and from the clips below I do not see a
distinct style.

Clips from Sunderland:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi1N22L5h9w - with very idiocyncratic
style of the guy in the stiped shirt in this clip

Compare to Maipu 444:

or to Lo De Celia:

Oleh Kovalchuke

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