[Tango-L] Igor Polk is off the list

Jay Rabe jayrabe at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 4 12:22:40 EST 2008

I don't understand all the contention about this.

First off, as I read the email from the moderator to Igor, it was ONLY rejected because it was TOO LARGE - ie. > 5k - NOT because of any content. Was that not clear to everyone? I've had my own posts rejected for the same reason when I've forgotten to trim the previous emails when I used reply-to. It's true the moderator made some other comments about Igor's content, but I interpreted them to be SUGGESTIONS, and Igor's marginally pushing the guidelines was not at all a factor in having his post rejected. 

Second, I think the list is a LOT more hospitable since Shahrukh started being active in the oversight role. My sincere thanks to him.

Third, Igor, mi amigo querido, why don't you trim the size and resubmit the post without other changes and see if it gets through. 


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