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I was with you up until this point. There are plenty of non Argentinians who dance with passion (myself included) and when I was in BsAs I saw some woeful Argentinian dancers, even some who sit at the head tables. So I am yet to be convinced the milongas of the 90s were any kind of dancer's paradise. Of the milongas I went to there might have been one or two foreign couples dancing inappropriately, but on the whole I thought the foreigners were pretty respectful and restrained on the floor. By far the worst disturbance at Nino Bien of the two nights I was there was when a pair of young local kids determined to dance disco in the middle of the floor, but they were pretty drunk and not up for all that long. That sort of phenomena is not unique to BsAs, it has happened from time to time in Melbourne as well :-). As I have said before Nino Bien is a great milonga because the organiser is so thoughtful and I will always be grateful that he looked after my wife so well the two nights she was there. He remembered her the second night and offered her the same table and when he saw she had brought her husband, asked if I wanted to sit a couple of tables away so we could be apart but dance together when we wanted. You don't get that kind of attention anywhere else and to my mind it is really special and all class. So I don't really care if it is better or worse, its still beautiful and I love it anyway. Those nights were amongst the best I had in BsAs and far from it being all foreigners, I got to dance with about an even mix of Argentinians and extranjeros. And the foreign followers (US, Canadian, Italian, etc) were all first rate (not to mention beautiful ;-)).

Nina >Foreigners dance with
>technical precision and no passion, ad that is a cultural handicap
>that cannot be changed by just talking about it.

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