[Tango-L] Nino Bien

"Christian Lüthen" christian.luethen at gmx.net
Sat Feb 2 10:17:32 EST 2008

I think clif hit a very important point, even if his 'ALL foreigners' statement may be on the strong side.

> Since the overall attitude seems to be "anti-foreigners" and how they are
> ruining the dance and milonga's, I think ALL foreigners should stop going
> to BsAs and that would solve the problem. 
As far true as it would be if all foreigners all of a sudden would stop to go to - let's say Venice - for comparison. Tango originates from Buenos Aires, no doubts, but without foreigners taking it to the rest of the world and actually also taking it back from there tango would have either stayed small and unrecognized or be long time gone.

> I mean, they obviously don't enjoy us
> coming there and spending money, 
Absolutely true. Sometimes one thinks being a masochist paying a lot of money to travel down to Buenos Aires only to be looked at from high above while being there.

> so, let's go somewhere where we will be
> treated with some modicum of respect.
Maybe one reason why a lot of americans travel over to TangoMagia-Festival in Amsterdam, Holland, at the end of each year. And why europeans travel over to the U.S. for ie. Portland Tango Oktoberfest or Denver Tango Fest. There's (at least) a lot of high class dancing outside of Buenos Aires. 
> But hey, that is just the old guy from Texas.
Same here: just a guy from Central Europe. 


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