[Tango-L] On dancing to non-tango music

NANCY ningle_2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 3 11:13:43 EST 2008

--- MACFroggy at aol.com wrote:

> I think the "confusion" in the old days is from
> using "tango" as a blanket 
> term for all
> dance music in 2/4 rhythm.

More confusion exists because folks think certain
steps are unique to tango.  There is not a step or a
movment in tango that is not used in some other dance
somewhere in the world.  After all.....we all have the
same tools for dance: the same torso, legs, arms, etc.
 There are only so many movements the human body can
make without damage.  It is the way we use those parts
and the movements we make TO THE MUSIC  that makes it
tango or Viennese Waltz ( the cross)  or swing ( rock
step) or mambo ( pivots).  

Now.....what elements are required for the appellation
of 'tango'?  Is it the bandoneon?   Is it solely Rio
Platense?  What about Tango Vals?  Is it truly

Just wondering...

<<Rito es la danza en tu vida
     y el tango que tu amas
     te  quema en su llama>>
de: Bailarina de tango
por:  Horacio Sanguinetti

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