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Here we would normally dance quickstep to ragtime/hot jazz, or partner 
charleston, or balboa, or a fast lindy hop.  Open embrace tango partner 
floorwork integrates well with lindy hop.  Balboa has exactly the same 
embrace as close embrace tango, would be interesting to integrate some 
tango step (perhaps back ochos) into balboa, but the footwork is VERY fast.

Mary Menz wrote:
> Dancing milonga to either a one-step or two-step ragtime piece can be 
> a lot of fun.  I have found that an increasing number of tangueros 
> are showing up at ragtime festivals and using their tango moves to 
> much of the music.
> Mary
> Modesto, CA
>> I have a student who is a pianist, and his specialty is Ragtime. He has been
>> researching the connections between tango and ragtime, and has found a bit
>> of La Cumparsita in a Scott Joplin piece. Joplin wrote this piece after he
>> took a Florida vacation at the same time as a tango composer was residing
>> there, and that's the only clue to the connection.  He also has a ragtime
>> piece with words that refer to how the tango dancers get even closer when
>> Ragtime is played.
>> He and his partner like dancing Canyengue to ragtime, and he would love to
>> have any other justification for dancing tango steps to Ragtime music.
>> Lois Donnay
>> Minneapolis, MN
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