[Tango-L] On dancing to non-tango music

Mary Menz mary.menz at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 1 14:13:02 EST 2008

Dancing milonga to either a one-step or two-step ragtime piece can be 
a lot of fun.  I have found that an increasing number of tangueros 
are showing up at ragtime festivals and using their tango moves to 
much of the music.
Modesto, CA

>I have a student who is a pianist, and his specialty is Ragtime. He has been
>researching the connections between tango and ragtime, and has found a bit
>of La Cumparsita in a Scott Joplin piece. Joplin wrote this piece after he
>took a Florida vacation at the same time as a tango composer was residing
>there, and that's the only clue to the connection.  He also has a ragtime
>piece with words that refer to how the tango dancers get even closer when
>Ragtime is played.
>He and his partner like dancing Canyengue to ragtime, and he would love to
>have any other justification for dancing tango steps to Ragtime music.
>Lois Donnay
>Minneapolis, MN

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