[Tango-A] MISC: Tango Spanish Language Class via Skype

Philip Seyer professionalsguild at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 01:17:28 EDT 2009

A very reasonably priced, personalized Spanish language class with a
focus on Argentine tango is available from university level qualified
professors.. The class is offered by Donata Radziunaite a member of a
new free social networking tango video website, which you can join via
link at http://www.Argentine-tango.com

The tango social networking website allows members from all over the
world to participate in forums, post blogs, pictures, tango events,
chat online, and more.

About the Spanish classes, Doanta writes:

"Why should you be interested in the Spanish courses dedicated to tango?

"Personally, I enjoy dancing much mor when I can understand the words
of tango songs.

"My native language is Lithuanian and I find it wonderful that while
communicating in a new language...the knowledge of Spanish language
opens my mind for TANGO.

"Basically, how do these Spanish courses differ from the traditional
ones is that they help
you to improve your language skills and at the same time become familiar
with the special tango songs vocabulary, the history of the dance and also
the history of the city, which gave a birth to tango.

There is a special promotion price of $10 per hour for private
language classes via Skype with university qualified professors.

Note: the website is free to join, but it is required that you upload
a photo of yourself or a photo that is related to Argentine tango.
After joining, please check the announcements box at upper left to
learn more about the Spanish language class.

Learn more and enjoy many free tango instructional videos at
Rare videos by Argentine tango masters are also available for purchase
at this website.

Learn more at http://www.argentine-tango.com

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