[StarCluster] New StarCluster GPU/Cluster Compute AMI Available

Justin Riley jtriley at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 20 21:08:12 EST 2010

Hi All,

My apologies for the delay on this. Below is a (public) release 
candidate for the new StarCluster Cluster Compute/GPU instance type:


This AMI contains the following GPU software in addition to the usual 
StarCluster stack:

* NVIDIA Driver 260.19.21
* NVIDIA Cuda Toolkit 3.2 (cublas, cufft, curand)
* PyCuda and PyOpenCL (recent git checkouts)
* MAGMA 1.0-rc2

This AMI is currently not compatible with StarCluster 0.91.2, however, 
the instances are a bit pricey ($2.10/hr for GPU) so if you just want to 
play around with the new GPU instances you're probably better off 
launching a single instance from the AWS management console. If anyone 
needs a GPU cluster the latest github code does work with this new AMI 
and instance type (both cg1.4xlarge and cc1.4xlarge) if you're 
interested in testing.

A few notes:

1. CUDA is installed in /usr/local/cuda
2. MAGMA library is installed in /usr/local/magma
3. Custom python2.6 installation in /usr/lib64/python2.6/site-packages
4. NumPy/SciPy/PyCuda/OpenCL/etc are installed in the custom python2.6 
5. All software sources used are in /usr/local/src (look here for 
PyCuda/PyOpenCL/MAGMA examples, etc)

Let me know if you have issues,


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