LDFLAGS in krb5-config --libs, but not in pkg-config

Greg Hudson ghudson at mit.edu
Mon May 2 11:46:58 EDT 2022

On 4/30/22 10:19, Andreas Hasenack wrote:> straight to the point, should
$LDFLAGS be part of `krb5-config
> --libs`? It's not in the equivalent `pkg-config krb5 --libs` output.

This came up ten years ago:

My answer then was that it had been that way for a long time, changing
it had the potential to break things, and that I hoped people would
migrate to pkg-config over time.

Since apparently not everyone has migrated to pkg-config over time, it
might be reasonable to remove LDFLAGS from the krb5-config --libs output.

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