Permissions for shared libraries in Kerberos

Ken Hornstein kenh at
Wed Nov 18 13:53:04 EST 2020

>For the record, Debian (and thus Ubuntu, etc.) does not set the executable
>bit on any shared libraries except for some weird special cases where the
>library can also be invoked as an executable.

Oh, interesting.  So ... is this just a _packaging_ thing?  It seems like
the default toolchain on the systems I looked at end up setting the
the execute bit during the link step, but I admit I don't know who's
responsible for that, and if that wasn't the case on Debian then I'm
mildly curious exactly who is deciding on the mode of that output file.

I personally have no opinion on whether or not the execute bit SHOULD be
set in general on shared libraries; it seems like there's valid arguments
for both sides.  My only point was that it seems like at least Linux
systems that use RPM expect it to be there, but clearly that's not even
a universal requirement across all Linux distributions.


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