Why is kcpytkt not shipped in a normal installation?

Robbie Harwood rharwood at redhat.com
Wed Mar 6 13:39:02 EST 2019

Daniel Peebles <pumpkingod at gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks for the history!
> For various obscure domain-specific reasons I won't go into, I need to
> ship service-specific tickets to a semi-trusted machine that doesn't
> (and shouldn't) have the TGT, so I use kvno to acquire a service
> ticket and then kcpytkt to get it out of my ccache and ship it over to
> the other machine.  I'll admit it's probably a pretty unusual use case
> but I imagine that more generally folks might want to copy tickets
> between caches (and probably delete them too).
> Would you accept a patch to revive their makefile machinery?

It seems to me like you could use `kinit -S` for this, and then copy the
ticket over.  I don't think we need a whole separate command for this.

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