Creating a keytab for an AD user

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Sun Sep 23 15:37:27 EDT 2018

Microsoft’s utility called ‘ktpass’ and it fetches the salt from KDC.

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> On 09/23/2018 11:05 AM, Markus Moeller wrote:
> >    Is that a known change (i.e. which AD attribute is used instead of
> the user id)  and can ktutil addent get an option to set the salt ?
> I do not know if Active Directory changed.  On the MIT krb5 side, we
> added a -salt option to ktutil addent in release 1.16.  We also have an
> unfinished feature to fetch the salt from the KDC; I can't say if and
> when that work will be completed.
> There is also a popular third-party tool called msktutil which may be
> easier to use for this operation.
> In the future, please use kerberos at for operational questions
> like this, not the development list.
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