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Idan Freiberg speidy at
Mon Feb 26 11:31:11 EST 2018

Robbie, I have an experience with both of the apis.
U2U RFC is already implemented by MS Both in Kerberos client and KDC.
I want to make MIT Kerberos interoperable with it as well.

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> Idan Freiberg <speidy at> writes:
> > I’m planning to work on Kerberos u2u support.  I would like to have
> > you advice on what is the best env setup I should do for development.
> >
> > I want the code to be compatible with MS KDC as well.
> >
> > Should I code against Samba KDC first?  The addition is mainly in the
> > gssapi area I think.
> Samba uses MIT (or Heimdal, depending on where you get it and how you
> build it) these days, and I think the debuggability you'll get out of
> those will be a lot higher than from Microsoft's.
> What do you mean by "addition"?  Microsoft's KDC isn't open source, so I
> don't know how you could add things to it - this means protocol changes
> are going to be difficult.  Also, it doesn't support the GSSAPI (there
> is some measure of compatibility between GSSAPI and SSPI on the wire,
> but the API is not identitcal).
> Thanks,
> --Robbie
Idan Freiberg

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