Development environment setup

Robbie Harwood rharwood at
Mon Feb 26 11:28:57 EST 2018

Idan Freiberg <speidy at> writes:

> I’m planning to work on Kerberos u2u support.  I would like to have
> you advice on what is the best env setup I should do for development.
> I want the code to be compatible with MS KDC as well.
> Should I code against Samba KDC first?  The addition is mainly in the
> gssapi area I think.

Samba uses MIT (or Heimdal, depending on where you get it and how you
build it) these days, and I think the debuggability you'll get out of
those will be a lot higher than from Microsoft's.

What do you mean by "addition"?  Microsoft's KDC isn't open source, so I
don't know how you could add things to it - this means protocol changes
are going to be difficult.  Also, it doesn't support the GSSAPI (there
is some measure of compatibility between GSSAPI and SSPI on the wire,
but the API is not identitcal).

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