Build krb5 on cygwin

Weijun Wang at
Wed Apr 4 19:03:31 EDT 2018

> On Apr 5, 2018, at 6:34 AM, Greg Hudson <ghudson at> wrote:
> On 04/04/2018 01:01 AM, Weijun Wang wrote:
>> This is my first time trying to build MIT krb5 on cygwin. I have gcc installed and "bash configure" fails with
>>   configure: error: Shared libraries are not yet supported on this platform.
>> Adding --disable-shared --enable-static but see the same error.
> Cygwin isn't a supported platform for MIT krb5, and I think it would
> take a fair amount of work, or at least expertise, to get a cygwin build
> working.  We don't really support a static library build; I added the
> partial support for --disable-shared --enable-static back when gcov
> didn't work with shared libraries, and haven't maintained it.

I see. Cygwin does include krb5 libraries. I assume it's from MIT krb5 and maybe I can ask them how they compiled it.

>> I tried using MSVC 2013 but it shows "cl --version" not supported.
> I'm not sure where this is coming from.  Our Windows build currently
> requires MSVC 2010.  Getting it to work with later versions might not
> require too many changes.

OK, I'll try again.

BTW, is there a configure option to force using MSVC? Now that I have gcc installed and it always choose gcc. I tried setting CC=/path/to/cl.exe but see

checking for gcc... /.../VC/bin/amd64/cl.exe
checking whether the C compiler works... no


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