.conf file in includedir

Greg Hudson ghudson at mit.edu
Tue Mar 21 13:24:58 EDT 2017

On 03/21/2017 11:19 AM, Weijun Wang wrote:
>     "Including a directory includes all files within the directory whose 
> names consist solely of alphanumeric characters, dashes, or underscores. 
> Starting in release 1.15, files with names ending in ”.conf” are also 
> included."
> My understanding of the old rule is to exclude OS-generated files like 
> .DS_Store and desktop.ini, but is it safe to include all ".conf" files? 
> At least I've heard that if you let a macOS access your non-Apple file 
> system, it will likely to create a ._krb5.conf file beside your existing 
> krb5.conf file.

We had mainly been concerned with package system artifacts such as
.rpmsave files.  However, editors and filesystems are also a possible
source of unintended duplicates.  I think it might be good to ignore
filenames beginning with ".", as these prefix-form name variants tend to
begin with "." so that they don't show up in ordinary directory listings.

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