krb5 commit: Modernize UTF-8/UCS-2 conversion code

Robbie Harwood rharwood at
Mon Apr 17 15:37:16 EDT 2017

Stefan Metzmacher <metze at> writes:

> is there a reson why you still limit this to USC-2 and not use full UTF16
> support?

I'm not sure what you're asking.  The commit in question fixes several
code hygene problems; it does not add any new interfaces, and the only
fixes are related to memory safety.

> We had a lot of trouble with the limited unicode support of krb5 libraries
> in Samba recently, see
> For now we worked arround it in Samba by limiting random machine passwords
> to unicode codepoints up to 0xffff.

I guess the answer is that I didn't know there was a bug?  Have you
filed something in the krb5 bugtracker?  I don't see any linked from
your bugzilla, just the workaround.

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