Special character in hostname may cause problem for built-in test suite

Neng Xue neng.xue at oracle.com
Thu Sep 8 19:19:16 EDT 2016

Hi Tom,

On 09/ 8/16 04:42 AM, Tom Yu wrote:
> Let's drop the bugs address from the CC for now, because I'm not
> convinced this is our bug.
> Neng Xue <neng.xue at oracle.com> writes:
>> Recently I noticed there is a problem running MIT built-in test suite on
>> a machine with special symbols in its hostname.
>> To be specific:
>> My machine's hostname is neng-kz
>> In this case, codes located in line 413 from
>> src/lib/kadm5/unit-test/api.current/init-v2.exp
>> will time/error out since it can only match special symbols '/@' as
>> specified in the regular expression. In my case, the hostname contains
>> symbol '-' which caused the expect script to error out.
> Could you quote part of dbg.log from a test run where that fails to
> match?  Are there any Solaris-specific changes that you've made to
> libkadm5 or the testing scripts?  I seem to recall seeing a Solaris
> change that prefers kadmin/FQDN for the kadmin service principal.
Following is the part of dbg.log which caused timeout:

kadmin at neng-kz3
% ^M
expect: does "puts $KADM5_ADMIN_SERVICE\nkadmin at neng-kz3\n% " (spawn_id 
exp10) match regular expression "([a-zA-Z/@]+)\n% "? Gate "*\n% "? 
gate=yes re=no^M
expect: timedout^M

Exactly as you said, we are using kadmin/$hostname as kadmin service 
principal. I think that was the root cause. I will talk to other Solaris 
devs to work out the problem.

Thanks for the help here!

>> I confirmed that if I added '-' to the regular expression, the test
>> suite can match and pass.
>> So is this the expected behavior or can I work around it by not changing
>> my machine's hostname? Thanks.
> This is not expected behavior.  I've successfully run the test suite
> many times on hosts with hyphens in their hostnames.
> $KADM5_ADMIN_SERVICE should be set to "kadmin/admin" by tcl_kadm5.c.  Is
> that the case when you run the tests?  If you need the kadmin service
> principal name to contain the hostname in that code, it would help to
> know more about the rationale.
> Thanks,
> -Tom

Neng Xue
Oracle Solaris Software Engineer
Santa Clara, CA, USA

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