Special character in hostname may cause problem for built-in test suite

Tom Yu tlyu at mit.edu
Thu Sep 8 07:42:04 EDT 2016

Let's drop the bugs address from the CC for now, because I'm not
convinced this is our bug.

Neng Xue <neng.xue at oracle.com> writes:

> Recently I noticed there is a problem running MIT built-in test suite on 
> a machine with special symbols in its hostname.
> To be specific:
> My machine's hostname is neng-kz
> In this case, codes located in line 413 from
> src/lib/kadm5/unit-test/api.current/init-v2.exp
> will time/error out since it can only match special symbols '/@' as 
> specified in the regular expression. In my case, the hostname contains 
> symbol '-' which caused the expect script to error out.

Could you quote part of dbg.log from a test run where that fails to
match?  Are there any Solaris-specific changes that you've made to
libkadm5 or the testing scripts?  I seem to recall seeing a Solaris
change that prefers kadmin/FQDN for the kadmin service principal.

> I confirmed that if I added '-' to the regular expression, the test 
> suite can match and pass.
> So is this the expected behavior or can I work around it by not changing 
> my machine's hostname? Thanks.

This is not expected behavior.  I've successfully run the test suite
many times on hosts with hyphens in their hostnames.
$KADM5_ADMIN_SERVICE should be set to "kadmin/admin" by tcl_kadm5.c.  Is
that the case when you run the tests?  If you need the kadmin service
principal name to contain the hostname in that code, it would help to
know more about the rationale.


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