any way to get user's ldap dn (or part of it) as part of the ticket?

Chris Hecker checker at
Sat Aug 27 05:28:12 EDT 2016

As a followup to this, after looking at the greet code...which piece of 
code goes where?  There are three directories, greet, greet_client, and 
greet_server.  It seems like greet_client is for passing information 
along from my client to my service via the ap-req, which I don't need?


On 2016-08-25 23:42, Chris Hecker wrote:
> Yeah, I want the UUID on the service that gets tickets from the clients
> (so I can stop using the username as a db key, which was just a terrible
> idea but hey, I was young).
> So, to be clear, the client (my game) logs into the KDC, requests a
> ticket to the service (the lobby server), and then logs into the lobby
> server using this ticket.  I'd like the lobby server to be able to get
> the UUID (from the kdb LDAP backend) out of the ticket without talking
> to the KDC/LDAP machine again over the wire.  I don't particularly care
> if the client can decrypt the UUID, but I guess it's slightly better if
> they can't (which it sounds like is the case with authdata, it's
> encrypted with the service key)?.
> It looks like the greet client and server stuff are the things to look
> at here?
> Chris
> On 2016-08-25 23:32, Greg Hudson wrote:
>> On 08/26/2016 02:29 AM, Greg Hudson wrote:
>>> Microsoft's PAC is visible to the server, not the client.
>> Oops, I misread your question.  You want this information in the server,
>> so yes, you want authdata.  Ignore everything I said about using padata.
>> We do have an authdata plugin interface, but unfortunately it's
>> unfinished and not public.  Still, it's probably better than modifying
>> the code.
>> Authdata is encrypted in the AS-REP, so you don't have to worry about
>> protecting the value.  Negative authdata types are reserved for
>> unregistered use (RFC 4120 section 5.2.6).

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