krb5: German translation

Rick van Rein rick at
Thu Apr 7 01:21:58 EDT 2016

Hi Greg and Chris,

Wow, I always respect translation efforts.  Let me try to honour it by
evaluating the translation, as Greg requests.

> Do we have someone else in our developer community who knows
> enough German to check it for serious problems?

I am not a native German speaker, but am quite comfortable hearing it. 
I could not have written this, however I can validate it:

* I have no problem understanding the translated text
* I generally confirm that it reads like proper German
* I did not find any security problem through misleading translations
* I cannot vouch for completeness of the translation
* I have not looked up the contexts in which these texts occur
* I checked the first 1000 lines with care, and sampled the remainder

I hope this helps!



    msgid "\t-E client is enterprise principal name\n"
    msgstr "\t-E Client ist der Principal-Name des Unternehmens\n"

This translation says "E client is the PrincipalName of the enterprise",
which is probably not the best translation.  Wouldn't it be better to
refer to an enterprise-STYLE name?  Something like

    msgid "\t-E client is enterprise principal name\n"
    msgstr "\t-E Client ist einer Principal-Name im Enterprise-stil\n"


    msgid "\t-i use default client keytab (with -k)\n"
    msgstr "\t-i verwendet die Standardschlüsseltabelle des Clients (mit

Adds a point not in the original line; this difference occurs in more

As another general point, "keytab" refers to a file, and since you write
it out instead of sticking to the term, should you not say
"Schlüsseldatei" instead of "Schlüsseltabelle"?


    msgid "\t-T armor credential cache\n"
    msgstr "\t-T gehärteter Anmeldedatenzwischenspeicher\n"

I think "armor" is meant as a verb, not as an adjective?


    msgid "Only one -t option allowed.\n"
    msgstr "Nur die Option -t ist erlaubt.\n"

    msgid "Only one -I option allowed\n"
    msgstr "Nur die Option -I ist erlaubt.\n"

    msgid "Only one of -a and -A allowed\n"
    msgstr "Nur -a und -A ist erlaubt.\n"

    msgid "Only one of -t and -i allowed\n"
    msgstr "Nur -t und-i ist erlaubt.\n"        (space missing)

"Nur eine Option"?  (The translation now says "only the option XXX is


    msgid "When determining client principal name from keytab"
    msgstr "beim Bestimmen des Dienst-Principal-Namens anhand der

"Dienst" is "service"; should translate "client" e.g. Benutzer?


    msgid "\t-i uses default client keytab if no name given\n"
    msgstr ""
    "\t-i verwendet die Standardschlüsseltabelle des Clients, falls kein
Name "
    "angegeben wurde.\n"

    msgid "while getting default client keytab"
    msgstr "beim Holen der Standardschlüsseltabelle des Clients"


Client is elsewhere named Benutzer.


    msgid "account %s: authorization failed\n"
    msgstr "Konto %s: Authentifizierung fehlgeschlagen\n"

Authorisation translated to authentication.  Not sure if this is proper

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