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> <quote from="Nico">
> Both are fine when the sizes are naturally limited to small sizes, but this
> requires more review effort.  Alternatively one could have a macro to guard
> against unsafe array sizes.  I'd rather VLAs and alloca() were frowned upon
> (though not forbidden).
> </quote>
> I am not sure how such a macro would work.
> Otherwise, I mostly agree with Nico, except that I am not comfortable with
> the "though not forbidden" part.  Nathaniel, do you have any performance
> numbers would help the case for the extra effort (and potential risk)?

It's not all about short-term per-function/module/etc. performance - it's also about major cases of heap fragmentation caused by temporary-buffer-allocation vs. long-term allocations - see http://mailman.mit.edu/pipermail/krbdev/2015-July/012406.html



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