any hidden dependency for krb5_context?

Greg Hudson ghudson at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 2 17:38:28 EDT 2014

Apologies for the slow response.

On 06/17/2014 03:16 PM, Bin Lu wrote:
> I just noticed that in the profile structure of the krb5_context object, it contains the profile filename instead of the content. And I tested if I do not remove the configuration file, it works too in other threads. 

The filename and content are both saved.  We re-read the file if we
detect that it changed; I guess if the file goes away, we might discard
the contents.

> But this is not what I want as we might have multiple krb5_context objects with different config files. How can I enforce krb5_init_context() to save the content of the profile, not just the file name?

In krb5 1.10 we added the ability to create profile objects using a
vtable of callbacks:

You can then use krb5_init_context_profile to use the created profile

There are a couple of enhancements we'd like to have, but haven't yet

* The ability to create an empty profile (not backed by any file) and
just set values in it.

* The ability to make GSSAPI use a designated krb5_context so that a
context created using a specified profile object can be used with GSSAPI.

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