questions regarding localization in MIT krb

Will Fiveash will.fiveash at
Mon Jan 13 17:58:58 EST 2014

I'm looking at the localization aspect of the MIT krb build environment
and wondering how this is supposed to work for things like kinit.  When
I build kinit I do not see xgettext being run nor do I see any *.po
files in the mit-krb-build/clients/kinit/ directory.  In the Solaris
build env. commands like kinit have their source scanned by xgettext if
the make target "_msg" is given.  *.po message files are created and
later translated into different languages so the various strings output
to the user by the command will be in the language chosen by the user.
Can someone help me understand how this is working in the MIT build

Note, my git repo of MIT code is relatively current:

commit 0b3225d63f50d4e6297be5d751cae1d3368fcdb1
Author: Greg Hudson <ghudson at>
Date:   Sun Nov 17 12:37:09 2013 -0500

    Remove dangling --with-kdc-kdb-update references

Also, I see that ENABLE_NLS is defined as 1 in autoconf.h.
And I've been looking at the localization project page:

Will Fiveash
Oracle Solaris Software Engineer

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